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Bluetooth and WiFi signals are widely used among people now as they can make it easier for people to share the information, and also the WiFi signal enables the mobile phones to use its signal and then surf the internet and also send the files and so on to other as well unlike the desktop computer as before should connected with the cable. However, once the password is being given out, it is really a risk, so to prevent such kind of problem happens then the WiFi/Bluetooth signal jammer is the helpful device that can remove the troubles.

Using the WiFi/Bluetooth jammer to gain the safety condition for the network is really in need and also this is a way to protect the privacy as well, which is really beneficial for people and especially important in some places where the wireless network and also Bluetooth are also allowed to be used. And now the WiFi jammer Bluetooth jammer with different jamming distance, different power, and also different appearance are provided in this catalog. Just based on the needs, people can soon select the most suitable WiFi Bluetooth signal blocker for security usage.