For the solution of mobile phone signal blocking in confidential places, the following aspects can be approached:

1. Physical isolation:
Set up metal mesh or special shielding materials around classified areas. Like a Faraday cage, it physically blocks the entry of mobile phone signals.
For the interior of buildings, shielding materials can be used for decoration in critical areas. Special wall coatings or curtains are used to reduce signal penetration.

2. Management measures:
Establish strict mobile phone usage policies and prohibit the use of any form of wireless communication equipment in classified areas.
Establish a dedicated storage area for items. Require all personnel entering classified areas to store their mobile phones and other devices, and ensure proper implementation through security checks.

3. Technical monitoring
Install a signal monitoring system to monitor the real-time signal strength of mobile phones inside and outside the classified area. Promptly detect and handle illegal signal sources.
Combining artificial intelligence technology, automatically analyze signal patterns and identify potential illegal access attempts.

4. Education and training:
Provide training on confidentiality awareness and security operations to personnel working in classified locations. Emphasize the importance and operating procedures of mobile signal blocking.
Improve employees’ ability to identify and respond to potential security threats.

5. Compliance with laws and regulations:
Before implementing measures to block mobile phone signals, ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations to avoid infringing on personal legitimate rights and interests.
Communicate with the local communication management bureau to understand the latest policies and ensure the legality of the solution.

6. Continuous improvement:
Regularly evaluate the shielding effect, collect feedback information, and continuously optimize shielding schemes and technical equipment.
Pay attention to the development of new technologies, such as new shielding materials and signal management technologies, in order to update and upgrade existing systems in a timely manner.

7. The most direct and effective method – signal interference technology:
Using professional mobile signal jammers, these devices can emit electromagnetic waves of specific frequencies, covering and flooding mobile communication signals, making it impossible for mobile phones to connect to base stations.
Set the power and coverage range of the jammer to ensure that interference effects are only generated in necessary areas. Avoid causing significant impact on the surrounding environment.

By comprehensively applying the above measures, it is possible to ensure the safety of classified places. Solve the problem of mobile phone signal blocking to ensure information security and work efficiency.