UAV jamming equipment is an electronic equipment designed for UAV. It is used to control or stop the UAV by means of interference, interception, chasing, etc. Here are some details about the anti-UAV equipment:

1, definition and function:
Anti-UAV equipment interferes with the normal operation of UAV by sending out specific signals or taking physical measures, so as to achieve the purpose of controlling or stopping UAV. Effectively protect important targets and territories and use them to combat crime and maintain social stability.

2. Type:

Electromagnetic interference type:

Use electromagnetic waves to slow down or interfere with the communication system of UAV, and weaken the sensors, flight control system and navigation equipment of UAV.

Laser weapon type:

Laser beam is used to irradiate the UAV, causing its electronic equipment to be damaged or burned, and preventing or shooting down the UAV.

UAV capture network:

The launch capture net netted the drone, captured it and prevented it from continuing to fly.

3. Working principle:

Active UAV jammer;
By transmitting radio signals, it interferes with the control system of UAV, causing it to lose control or crash.

Passive UAV jammer;
Then the drone loses its sense of direction and crashes by receiving the radio signal of the drone and reflecting it back.

Some anti-UAV equipment will not directly cause the UAV to crash or damage, but interfere with its flight system, block signal transmission, and force the UAV to land or return.

4. Application scenario:
Military field:
Protect military bases, air defense systems, ships and other important facilities to prevent reconnaissance, interference and attacks by enemy drones.

Public safety:
In major events, public gatherings or sensitive areas, guard against the security threats posed by drones and ensure public safety.

Civil aviation field:
Prevent drones from illegally invading the flight restricted area and ensure the safe flight of civil aviation aircraft.

Other areas:
It also includes energy, transportation, border security, large-scale activities, prison security and personal privacy protection.

Selection criteria:
When selecting anti-UAV equipment, it is necessary to consider its working principle, interference range and performance index to ensure that the equipment can meet the practical application requirements.

5、Future development:
With the continuous development and popularization of UAV technology, the anti-UAV equipment market will also continue to grow. In the future, the development direction of anti-UAV equipment will include higher efficiency, lower cost and smaller size. With the development of artificial intelligence technology, anti-UAV equipment will also add more intelligent functions, such as automatically identifying targets and automatically adjusting jamming parameters.