The function of GPS jammer:

1. Military applications:
In military conflicts, GPS jammers can be used to disrupt enemy navigation capabilities. Defeat its weapon systems, drones, and other GPS dependent equipment to gain battlefield advantage.

2. Privacy protection:
In non war situations, GPS jammers are sometimes used to prevent unauthorized location tracking and protect personal privacy.

3. Testing and Training:
Military and civilian institutions may use GPS jammers for electronic warfare training to enhance their ability to identify and respond to GPS interference.

4. Security guarantee:
In certain special occasions, such as prisons or high security areas. GPS jammers can be used to restrict the use of mobile devices and ensure regional security.

Shortcomings of GPS jammers:

1. Legal and ethical issues:
The use of GPS jammers may violate international law, especially during wartime, which may cause harm to civilians. In addition, its use also involves issues of privacy and freedom of expression.

2. Technical limitations:
GPS jammers may not work effectively in all environments. In urban canyons or indoor environments, the effect may be greatly reduced.

3. Impact on non targets:
GPS jammers may affect nearby civilian facilities and services. Such as aviation navigation, mobile communication, etc., cause widespread inconvenience.

4. Counterattack and countermeasures:
Hostile forces may develop technologies to combat GPS interference or use other navigation methods to avoid interference, thereby reducing the actual effectiveness of GPS jammers.

5. Long term maintenance costs:
GPS jammers require regular maintenance and upgrades to adapt to improvements in GPS systems and the emergence of new jamming technologies, which may result in higher long-term costs.

6. International cooperation and regulation:
Lack of internationally unified norms and regulatory frameworks. The use of GPS jammers poses uncertainty on a global scale, increasing the risk of misjudgment and conflict.

GPS jammer, as a technical tool, has its application value, but it also comes with challenges and limitations. When considering the use of GPS jammers, it is necessary to comprehensively evaluate their potential advantages and disadvantages. And strictly abide by relevant laws and ethical standards.