Office jammer is a device used to protect confidential information and prevent leakage through electromagnetic radiation.

1、 Purpose of use

Office jammers are mainly used in government agencies, security, public security, military, military enterprises, scientific research institutions and other classified places. Intended to effectively cover and interfere with the original electromagnetic waves generated by office equipment by transmitting interference signals in a wide frequency domain. To prevent the leakage of unencrypted original information through wireless transmission carried by electromagnetic radiation waves, thus protecting the security of classified information.

2、 Product features

Wide frequency domain continuous interference:

Suitable for protecting various office equipment. Including but not limited to large screen displays such as computers, confidential machines, copiers, printers, DLP, LCD, LED, etc.

Low power and efficient interference:

Green and environmentally friendly, without affecting the normal operation of office equipment.

No need to connect office equipment:

The deployment is convenient and flexible, and an electronic shielding wall can be formed through networking. Protect the electromagnetic radiation information of the entire building for centralized management and control.

3、 Installation precautions

Deploy and install as close as possible to locations such as doors and windows that are prone to theft and electromagnetic signals, to ensure effective interference.

Select the appropriate jammer model and quantity based on the area to be protected.

Regularly check the operation status of the jammer to ensure its normal operation.

4、 Usage effect

By transmitting interference signals in a wide frequency domain, the original electromagnetic waves generated by office equipment can be effectively covered and interfered with, making it impossible for theft devices to restore confidential information.

Applicable to areas that require protection in classified areas, protecting the security of classified information.

5、 Compliance

The use of office jammers should comply with relevant laws, regulations, and rules to ensure legal and compliant use. Before deployment and use, it is recommended to consult relevant departments or professional organizations to ensure compliance with relevant requirements and standards.

6、 Market situation

There are multiple brands and models of office jammers on the market, and their prices vary depending on factors such as model, function, and brand. When choosing, it is recommended to consider the actual needs, budget, and usage scenarios comprehensively.


Office jammers are an effective security protection device with broad application prospects in classified places. During use, relevant laws, regulations, and rules should be followed to ensure its legal and compliant use.