The security guarantee of drone interference technology is a complex issue that involves multiple aspects such as technology, law, ethics, etc. Here are some suggestions to ensure the safety of drone interference technology:

1: Technical security
1. Develop advanced drone interference technology to ensure the efficiency and accuracy of the technology, and avoid accidental injury and misjudgment.
2. Strengthen the stability and reliability of drone interference equipment to prevent equipment failure at critical moments.
Develop anti-interference technology to prevent drones from being maliciously interfered with or attacked.

2: Legal constraints
1. Develop and improve relevant laws and regulations on drone interference technology, clarify the scope, conditions, and limitations of use.
2. Strict supervision and licensing system shall be implemented for the research and development, production, sales, and use of drone interference technology. Ensure the legal use of technology.
3. Strictly crack down on the illegal use of drone jammers to maintain public safety and social order.

3: Ethics and morality
1. Emphasizing that the use of drone interference technology must adhere to ethical and moral principles, and respect human life and dignity.
2. When using drone interference technology, efforts should be made to minimize harm to innocent individuals and follow the principle of minimum harm.
3. Conduct ethical evaluation and supervision of the use of drone interference technology to ensure ethical use of the technology.

4: Education and training
1. Provide professional training and education to drone operators and users of drone interference technology. Enhance their safety awareness and operational skills.
2. Strengthen public awareness and understanding of drone interference technology. Enhance public awareness of prevention and self-protection capabilities.

5: System security
1. Establish a comprehensive drone interference system, including detection, identification, interference, and disposal, to ensure the overall safety of the system.
2. Strengthen the confidentiality and security of drone interference systems. Prevent the system from being hacked or maliciously damaged.

6: International cooperation
1. Strengthen cooperation and exchanges with other countries and regions. Jointly research and solve the security issues brought about by drone interference technology.
2. Share safe usage experience and technological achievements of drone interference technology. Promote the healthy development of the global drone industry.

In short, the security guarantee of drone interference technology requires multiple efforts and measures. Only by starting from multiple aspects can we ensure the safe use of drone interference technology, maintain public safety and social order.