Some of the technology of the near future is a thing of the past

Some of the technology in the near future is a thing of the past, but JKDCJAMMER has long been the future to look forward to.

Technology does not stand still. Before our eyes are audio cassettes, video tapes, vinyl records and related players that are history. According to experts, it will soon be forgotten, while we think these devices are completely modern.

Europe’s largest electronics retailer
Pixmania, Europe’s largest electronics retailer, has drawn up a list of devices and developments that will likely be forgotten by the end of 2010. Recall that it is mainly about European countries, as for Russia, they will probably survive a little longer.

The first endangered candidate is the DVD player. Their killer features are Blu-ray devices, multi-game consoles, and videos downloaded from the Internet.

A normal fax will then be sent. Analysts believe that they are not needed at all, as there are many developments that could replace them.

satellite navigator
The next victim is the satellite navigator. The study’s authors argue that the proliferation of smartphones and cell phones with integrated GPS receivers has rapidly reduced demand for them. However, this view is rather controversial in our view.

Also, phone chargers are gone. Well-known analysts believe that they will replace wireless chargers and charge via USB.

Touchscreens are going to be the culprit for rat deaths. Wii Remote will also be obsolete (remote console Wii). Microsoft’s new development, Project Natal, allows tracking player movements without a gamepad. Other technological “remnants” include analog TV, landline phones, USB modems for 3G networks and traditional credit cards.

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