The detailed explanation of the function of WIFI jammer is as follows:

1、 Main functions

Interference with WIFI signal:
The main function of a WIFI jammer is to transmit signals in the same frequency band as normal WIFI. Thus, co frequency interference is formed within the target area. Causing the receiving device to be unable to recognize or receive WIFI signals properly.
Prevent information leakage:
In situations that require confidentiality, such as examination rooms, conference rooms, or military bases, WIFI jammers can effectively prevent information from being leaked through wireless networks.
Maintaining network security:
By interfering with WIFI signals, WIFI jammers can prevent illegal devices from accessing the network, thereby protecting network security.

2、 Application scenarios

Exam environment:
In important exams such as the college entrance examination and civil service examination, WIFI jammers can ensure the fairness and impartiality of the exam, and prevent candidates from using WIFI signals to cheat.
Meeting Confidentiality:
In business or government meetings, using WIFI jammers can prevent the leakage of conference content, protect trade secrets, and ensure the security of government information.
Military Base:
In sensitive areas such as military bases, WIFI jammers can prevent external devices from accessing the network, ensuring the security of military operations.

3、 Technical characteristics

Frequency band adjustable:
The WIFI jammer can adjust the frequency band of interference as needed to meet the shielding requirements of WIFI signals in different frequency bands.
Power controllable:
The power of the jammer can be adjusted according to actual needs to meet the interference requirements of different ranges and intensities. Generally speaking, the higher the power, the wider the interference range, but it is also necessary to avoid unnecessary interference to other wireless communication devices in the surrounding area.

Intelligent recognition:
Some advanced WIFI jammers have intelligent recognition capabilities, which can automatically recognize and block WIFI signals within a specified frequency band, while avoiding interference with signals from other frequency bands.
Safe and stable:
To ensure the stable operation of the equipment, WIFI jammers are usually equipped with safety mechanisms such as overheating protection and overcurrent protection.

4、 Precautions for use

When using WIFI jammers, it is necessary to ensure compliance with local laws and regulations to avoid illegal use.
Environmental impact:
WIFI jammers may interfere with surrounding wireless communication devices while interfering with WIFI signals. Therefore, it is necessary to evaluate the surrounding environment before use to ensure that it does not cause unnecessary interference to other devices.
Device selection:
When purchasing a WIFI jammer, it is necessary to choose the appropriate equipment based on actual needs and budget. Generally speaking, devices with higher power and more frequency bands will also have higher prices.

5、 Induction

WIFI jammers play an important role in maintaining network security and preventing information leakage. During use, attention should be paid to its legality, impact on the surrounding environment, and equipment selection. By using WIFI jammers reasonably, network security and information security can be effectively protected.