1、 Working principle of jammer
A mobile signal jammer is a device that interferes with the same or adjacent frequency signals as the communication frequency band of a mobile phone, causing the phone to be unable to establish normal data exchange with the base station at the receiving end, thereby achieving the goal of unable to make normal calls and access the internet. Using wireless signal interference technology to suppress or block mobile phone signals within the frequency band.

2、 Introduction to usage scenarios
Mobile signal jammers are commonly used in the following scenarios:
Confidential meetings or sensitive occasions: To prevent illegal monitoring or theft of meeting content, using jammers can effectively block mobile communication.
Exam room or school: Ensure fairness in exams and prevent cheating, using jammers to prevent candidates from using mobile phones to cheat.
Military or security sensitive areas: To prevent mobile communication from being used by hostile forces and ensure regional security.

3、 Installation location selection
To ensure the interference effect, the jammer should be installed in the following positions:
Central position: Try to install at the center of the area that needs interference, in order to achieve the best interference effect.
High Altitude: Installed in a higher position, such as a ceiling or wall, to increase the coverage range of interference signals.

4、 Equipment installation and connection
Place the jammer in the selected installation position and secure it.
Connect the power and signal lines of the jammer to ensure a secure connection.
Check if the device connection is correct to avoid problems such as short circuits or poor contact.

5、 Power switch operation
Turn on the power switch and start the jammer.
Observe the jammer indicator light to confirm if the device is working properly.

6、 Confirmation of interference effect
Turn on your phone and try making a call to observe if there is any communication failure.
If necessary, signal detection tools can be used to detect the signal strength of mobile phones in the interference area to confirm the interference effect.

7、 Notes
When using jammers, it is important to avoid affecting the normal communication of other users in the surrounding area.
Compliance with relevant laws and regulations is required to ensure legality and compliance.
When installing and using jammers, attention should be paid to safety to avoid risks such as electric shock.
Regularly inspect and maintain the jammer to ensure its normal operation and effective interference.

Choose the appropriate usage scenario and installation location according to your needs. And comply with relevant laws, regulations, and safety operating procedures. By proper installation and use, the effectiveness and safety of the jammer can be ensured.