A mobile signal jammer is a device used to interfere with mobile communication signals. The purpose of blocking or weakening communication between mobile phones and base stations by transmitting interference signals of specific frequencies. The following is a detailed introduction and application scope of mobile signal jammers:

The working principle of mobile phone signal jammer

For frequency analysis:
The mobile signal jammer is designed for the uplink and downlink channels of the mobile phone system. Using techniques such as frequency doubling, frequency division, and frequency hopping filtering, analyze the frequencies that need to be shielded.

Customized shielding space:
Customize a spherical shielding space based on the power of the shield. Make mobile phones in this space ineffective, unable to receive and make calls.

Application scope

Classified premises:
Mobile communication jammers are widely used in various professional classified places. Such as military sites, government agencies, research institutions, etc., to prevent information leakage.

Flammable and explosive places:
In flammable and explosive places such as gas stations and oil depots, using mobile phones may cause safety accidents, so it is necessary to use mobile phone signal jammers to ensure safety.

Examination venue:
In various examination venues, such as schools and vocational qualification certification exams, using mobile signal jammers can prevent candidates from cheating and ensure the fairness of the exam.

Important meetings and events:
In important places such as conference centers, hospitals, and churches, using mobile signal jammers can maintain order on site and avoid interference from mobile phone ringtones or calls on activities.

Other prohibited areas for using mobile phones:
Public places such as libraries, cinemas, museums, and special places such as prisons often use mobile signal jammers to ensure the implementation and safety of regulations.

Product features

High effective power:
The interference radius is large and the range is adjustable, and the appropriate power size can be selected according to needs.

Intelligent control:
Using intelligent remote control technology to control power output, the remote control range can reach 10 meters.

Advanced filtering technology:
It only interferes with the downlink signal and will not cause interference to the base station.

Design stability:
The design of the slow start circuit can avoid the ignition phenomenon caused by mechanical switches, with high integration and stable operation.

Frequency band independence:
The four frequency bands are designed independently, without affecting each other, and the performance is stable and reliable.

Precautions for use
When using wireless signal jammer devices, it is advisable to stay as far away from commonly used devices such as speakers, wireless microphones, radios, computers, televisions, Wi Fi routers, etc. as possible to avoid interference.
In densely populated areas such as schools, it is prohibited to install radio stations with excessive electromagnetic radiation, and mobile signal jammers are also not allowed to be used without authorization.

In short, mobile signal jammers play an important role in maintaining information security and ensuring public safety, but when used, relevant laws and regulations should be followed to ensure legality and compliance.